Employee Wellbeing in Workplace


What is Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is defined as ways to optimize the health of all employees adopted by organisations. It is not just confined to taking care of the physical wellbeing of employees, but also other components of their wellbeing which are crucial and hence cannot be ignored when talking the health and overall well-functioning of individuals and employees.

In other words, in the present-day scenario the term of employee wellbeing has been expanded from traditional point of view and now focuses on much more than merely providing medical care to employees. Presently, employers are well aware of a variety of elements that are a component employee wellbeing and are developing strategies in order to make the employees associated with their firm happier and healthier.  To learn more, connect with the best Psychologist near me at TalktoAngel.

Why has it become crucial to take wellbeing of employees into consideration in the present-day scenario?

With recent outbreak pf the pandemic, it has come to the notice of many employers that there has been as impact on employee wellbeing which in turn has impact on their performance, and consequently affects the business results. As a result of the pandemic, the employees were distressed and worried, and employers had to look for the ways which will help to accommodate the rising needs for empathy towards their employees.

Impact of initiating wellbeing policies on employees

1. Lower rates of absenteeism

Because of their many benefits, many companies have begun to implement a variety of wellness programs in the firm. The programs may vary in scope and focus. Employee wellbeing programs prove to be cost-effective for employers and also reduces the rates of absenteeism in workplace due to health-related issues.

2. Increase in levels of Employee Engagement

As a result of initiating wellbeing schemes, employees feel more connected to their organisation. As a result of improved health of employees, their performance and happiness rates increase, improving their efficiency and engagement in the workplace.

3. Improved productivity of employees

Various researches indicate that when employee wellbeing is optimized by firms, the employees begin to feel more focused on their work and as a result their levels of productivity increase.

4. Attractive branding of firms

The search for the best talent in the market place is very competitive process, and candidates of higher qualifications and capabilities have a variety of options available to them to choose from when picking their next employer. Providing employee wellbeing benefits ensures the business success of the company.

What factors impact the wellbeing of employees?

1. Recognition of work of employees

Employees ten to feel more fulfilled and satisfied in their jobs when their dedication, teamwork and hard work are appreciated. In addition to this, employee recognition has a power to inspire the employees and make them realize that they are a crucial part of the company.  

2. Effective channels of communication

Smooth functioning of internal communication ensures that the employees read the content that they are meant to. Besides this, remotely working employees face the biggest struggle of lack of communication and collaboration. By facilitating seamless communication channels of between the employees, firms can alleviate one of the most crucial sources of work-related stress.

3. Enabling easy collaboration

 Some employees need to collaborate on projects in large teams and it be a source of stress for many employees. The process may get frustrating and tiresome if employees are not able to track each other’s work or are unable to assess their contribution to a larger project scheme. By enabling easier collaboration, these sources of stress can be alleviated.

4. Making the employees feel heard

Employees feel a sense of importance if they feel heard, their opinions are taken into consideration and if the issues they face are addressed by the firm.

5. Giving regular feedbacks

Timely and regular feedback can reduce stressed caused by uncertainty on part of employees if what they did was right or expected. Regular feedbacks can make employees feel appreciated and help them improve their performance.

6. Being empathetic towards employees

Showing empathy towards the employees and having compassion towards the issues of employees creates an emotional bond between the employer and the employees, humanizing the workplace and making it a better place for everybody to work at.

Strategies to improve the wellbeing of employees

Companies can adopt the following strategies to improve the wellbeing of employees

1. Health Screening

Regularly providing health screening, even if for once per year is a great way for the employees to address some health related issues they are unaware of but might have. In addition to this, it improves the health of employees by catching them at early stages and preventing them.

2. Health insurance schemes

Health insurance schemes are a benefit that should be provided to employees by firms. What matters most is offering multiple insurances to employees so they can pick out the one that matches their specific needs the most.

3. Psychological Counselling services

By offering psychological counselling services, a message is sent to the employees that their mental health is the concern of the firm, too. This will reduce the stigma associated with asking for psychological help, and the employees will have access to mental health experts that can help them deal with their issues.

4. Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours ensure less burden o employees can ensure them a chance to efficiently handle their personal and professional lives.

5. Financial Benefits

Many employees are nowadays ask for life insurance policies, benefits like pensions or student loans or repayment options. Helping the employees to make wise financial decisions for their future can help employers become a more attractive to the employees.

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