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The Surging Outdoor Trend Solo Camping on the Rise


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The Surging Outdoor Trend: Solo Camping on the Rise.A Variety of Captivating Camping Moment Let's explore the thriving outdoor scenes unfolding across Japan.

The Japanese Camping Phenomenon: An Escape from the Mundane

According to Sakai Hiroaki, a respected authority on Japanese camping and Secretary General of the Japan Auto Camping Federation, the first significant autocamping trend emerged in the 1990s. Those who were children during that era have now grown into adults, rekindling their passion for camping and playing a pivotal role in today's camping boom. Other contributing factors include the increasing popularity of outdoor music festivals, where camping is a part of the experience, and camping magazines that provide trendy fashion and interior ideas tailored to modern tastes.

Japanese campers seek to break away from the ordinary during their camping escapades. Campsites that offer opportunities to immerse oneself in Japan's rich natural environment while participating in "outdoor classes" covering subjects such as cooking, nature exploration, or canoeing have garnered immense popularity. Recent years have also witnessed the emergence of diverse camping options in Japan, including glamping, where individuals enjoy the comfort of spacious, luxurious tents or mobile cabins for a more hotel-like experience. The number of autocampers has seen steady growth, climbing from 7.2 million in 2011 to 8.6 million in 2019 (as per the Japan Auto Camping White Paper 2020, published by the Japan Auto Camping Federation).


Children Engaging in Canoeing

Campsite activities are a favored way to immerse oneself in the great outdoors.

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Auto Campsite

Autocamping's appeal lies in the convenience of driving directly to the campsite, allowing for an immersive natural experience.

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Over the past decade, an increasing number of young women have taken up camping thanks to camper-friendly campsites equipped with hygienic amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms, level terrain, and readily available equipment for rent. The presence of popular comics, anime series, and TV shows with camping storylines featuring female protagonists has further encouraged girls and women to embrace camping in real life.Laid-Back CampImage GalleryFemale CampersImage GalleryAnime series starring female campers are driving the surge in camping interest among women.

Solo Campers: Embarking on a Personal Journey

Simultaneously, solo camping has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity. Influential camping vloggers, who share their solo camping experiences, have drawn in many young men, fathers with grown-up children, and women, inspiring them to venture into the great outdoors. Campsites have started offering special rates and facilities tailored to solo campers.

A Solo Female Camper

Solo camping is an adventure meant to be enjoyed in solitude.

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A Camping Vlogger

The impact of campers documenting their solo camping adventures on social media has fueled the rise of solo camping.

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One solo camper shared that the allure of solo camping lies in the freedom to camp according to your personal preferences and relish solitary moments amidst nature.

Everyone has their unique preferences when it comes to equipment and cuisine. Some revel in cooking with compact utensils, while others take pleasure in adorning their tents with stylish decor. Certain solo campers prefer exploring on a mini-bike with minimal gear to avoid straining the small engines designed for short distances. Coffee enthusiasts among campers delight in brewing their own java and savoring it amidst the wilderness.

A Single-Portion SkilletA growing array of equipment caters to solo campers, such as this single-portion skillet.Image GalleryA Coffee-Enthusiast CamperImage GalleryEnjoying freshly brewed coffee amid a campsite is a joy for some solo campers.

The true delight of solo camping lies in the liberty to craft a camping experience that reflects your unique stylWhich style appeals to you?"


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