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Top 10 Best Cars in 2023


Top 10 best cars

However, as we entered 2023, signs of recovery emerged, and the automotive industry in Pakistan experienced a resurgence. This year marked an exciting period with the introduction of new players in the market, unveiling their lineups of SUVs, crossovers, and sedans. Factors such as temporary price reductions and low-interest rates played a pivotal role in bolstering sales within the automotive sector.

As economic activities steadily rebounded, the demand for automobiles surged, with a particular emphasis on acquiring the finest vehicles available. Although new entrants ventured into the market with modern and feature-rich SUVs and crossovers, they were unable to secure a place among the best cars in Pakistan. Instead, three well-established automobile brands, Suzuki (PSMC), Honda (HCAR), and Toyota (IMC), continued to dominate due to the exceptional performance, competitive pricing, impressive specifications, and advanced features of their vehicles.


At the forefront of this automotive revival was the Pak Suzuki Motor Company, with an impressive sales figure of 122,799 units. Following closely was Honda Atlas Cars, securing the second spot with 69,169 units sold, while Toyota Indus Motor Company clinched third place, selling 35,173 units.

Here is a comprehensive list of the top ten cars in Pakistan for the year 2022:

Suzuki Alto:

Suzuki Alto emerged as the best-selling car in Pakistan in 2022, effectively replacing the Suzuki Mehran with enhanced features at a reasonable price. Despite initial apprehensions about its ability to match the Mehran's sales, the Suzuki Alto exceeded all expectations. This affordable vehicle has become the top choice for salaried individuals and small-business owners in Pakistan due to its budget-friendly price, readily available spare parts, practical features, fuel efficiency, and strong resale value. Its remarkable success led to mass production and a staggering 53,887 units sold in 2022.

Toyota Yaris:

Introduced by Toyota Indus Motor Company in 2020, the Toyota Yaris swiftly became the top sedan in Pakistan, surpassing the long-standing popularity of the Honda Civic and Honda City. Offering a premium-quality interior, appealing exterior, modern features, standard safety specifications, parking sensors, hill-start assist, excellent fuel economy, and impressive long-distance capabilities, the Yaris secured second place in the 2022 rankings, with 28,673 units sold.

Toyota Corolla:

 It achieved third place with 25,831 units sold.

Suzuki Cultus:

Suzuki Cultus, a perennial favorite among Pakistani consumers, continued to maintain its popularity as one of the nation's preferred vehicles. Despite production challenges at the start of 2022, this compact car claimed the fourth spot in the top-selling cars list. Its affordability, spacious and attractive interior, stylish exterior, modern features, safety enhancements, exceptional fuel efficiency, and easy access to low-priced spare parts made it an ideal choice for daily use and family trips. Suzuki Cultus registered sales of 24,509 units.

Suzuki Wagon R:

The Suzuki Wagon R solidified its status as one of the best 1000cc hatchback cars in Pakistan, celebrated for its affordability, impressive fuel economy, attractive resale value, and ease of maintenance. Available with both manual and automatic transmission options, this vehicle catered to budget-conscious consumers seeking standard features for family use. Its roomy cabin, standard exterior design, reliability, and durability made it a comfortable choice for city and out-of-town driving, resulting in 18,810 units sold in 2022.

Honda City and Civic:

Honda, a leading name in the automobile industry, showcased its prowess with the Honda City and Civic models. These sedans, known for their luxurious interiors, stylish exteriors, modern features, safety enhancements, reliability, durability, excellent resale value, fuel efficiency, and road grip, ranked among the top choices for family transportation. With a combined sales figure of 30,938 units in 2022, Honda City and Civic secured their positions as premium vehicles of choice for Pakistani consumers.

Kia Sportage:

KIA Sportage, a recent entrant to the Pakistani market, quickly made its mark as the best SUV and crossover in its category. Despite facing competition from various models and variants, including the MG HS, DFSK Glory 580 Pro, Proton X70, and Hyundai Tucson, the KIA Sportage emerged as the dominant choice. Offering a luxurious interior, advanced safety features, a sporty exterior design, spacious seating, and ample luggage space, it became a preferred family SUV for long-distance journeys. Although its spare parts are relatively expensive, the KIA Sportage's exceptional features overshadowed this drawback, resulting in sales of 22,300 units.

Changan Alsvin:

Changan, a relatively new automobile brand in Pakistan, introduced the Alsvin to the market, causing a significant stir in the industry. The Alsvin garnered attention for its outstanding performance, quality, luxury, fuel efficiency, affordable pricing, advanced features, and safety specifications. This 1500cc front-wheel sedan featured an attractive exterior, comfortable interior, and the latest in automotive technology. Powered by a potent engine with a 40-liter fuel tank, the Alsvin achieved an average mileage of 12KM/L to 15KM/L, all backed by a 5-speed automatic transmission. With 15,200 units sold in 2022, the Changan Alsvin solidified its place as one of Pakistan's best cars.

Suzuki Bolan:

Suzuki Bolan, colloquially known as the "Carry Dabba" in Pakistan, defies conventional car categories. This 4-speed manual transmission mini MPV with a mid-engine and front-wheel drive has remained largely unchanged since its inception in the early '90s. It primarily serves large families, small business owners, and provides efficient pick and drop services. With low maintenance requirements and impressive fuel consumption, the Suzuki Bolan proved to be versatile, excelling in both city and rough terrain scenarios. Its sales in 2022 reached 8,196 units.

Suzuki Ravi:

Suzuki Ravi, a popular mini pickup truck in Pakistan, maintained its status as one of the best cars despite its unchanged features since launch. Renowned for its robust body, firm suspension, disc brakes, powerful engine, excellent fuel efficiency, and cost-effective maintenance, the Suzuki Ravi continued to resonate with consumers. It excelled in gripping tires and was an economical choice for various tasks. With 2022 sales totaling a respectable figure, the Suzuki Ravi proved its enduring appeal in the market

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